Friday, September 03, 2004

How Long

..Dire Straits. Well, man, I'm tired, this will be brief. Today was cool. Met with Liz at 8am at Deet's and had some breakfast/chat time/Bible study time. That was an awesome way to start the day. :) Then I went to the library and started writing my program. Then I went off to Geology which was so boring, then back to the library to code for another couple hours. Then off to my HCI class which was blah. After that, went and played golf at Tech. I played with 2 other guys who were decent. We played nine holes in about two hours and I shot a 39 which is good. :D After that I was pooped, came back here, had dinner, then started nerding. Put Mandrake Linux on my laptop, then starting tweaking some things on my website that I've been wanting to do for a long time. Spent from 9pm until about midnight trying to fix a problem, then got it working, and then spent the last 2 hours changing other files to match it. Ugh. Not quite done yet, but my head is going to explode, so I think I'll turn in now!

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