Tuesday, August 31, 2004


Classic Green Day song, gotta love it! Well, today was up and down. Got up early and went to my Geology lab from 8-10. That was so long and so incredibly boring, it just kinda set the tone for the rest of my day. Then I went to the library and had a nice little quiet time in Romans 2. That was good, I needed it. Then I went to Geology class at 11. This seemed like it lasted forever too and was SO boring. By the time I went to peeps lunch at 12:15, I was a ball of mush, I was so tired! Lunch was fun and lots of people came. Then I went off to my HCI class at 2 and this class was incredibly boring today also! It just dragged and dragged and dragged. I think I was out cold for some period of time... After that, I did a couple errands around town and then came back home and was bored and played a little guitar. Then decided to make dinner and had Liz over for a semi-makeshift dinner. We had mozorella chicken and it was really good for as fast as I cooked everything! So she got to hang out for about 40 mintues and it was awesomeness. We had a good chat that I really needed to help me start to screw my head back on. :) Once she left, I cleaned up and then decided to watch Braveheart to relax my mind some more. I've never seen it before and it was really sweet! Only problem was, its 3 hours long, but that's okay; I have nothing better to do. :) So that just got over and now I want to get to bed before midnight if possible!

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