Friday, August 13, 2004

Yeeeeee Haw!!

:-P Just got back from some honky-tonk, lol. :) Well, today was pretty cool. Went to work for my last day and did all the fun stuff that went along with that. Cleaned out my desk and stuff and then walked around base a couple hours doing all the sign out paperwork and then walking around and saying goodbye to everyone. Then we had my going away lunch at Ledo's Pizza and that was quite fun. :) Then I got out of there around 12:30 or so and got home. Packed up my stuff real quick then hit the road around 1:30 for Blacksburg. The drive down was really nice this time. I turned my radio off and the whole trip I just mellowed out and did lots of thinking and spent a lot of time in prayer and stuff and it was awesome. :) It was interesting too because I ran into A LOT of rain. It rained very hard like the last 3 hours of the trip which made it hard to see and thus made traffic really slow. So, it took me almost 5 hours to get down. :-/ I think I went right through a tornado too, it was like pitch black and torrential rains and wind and stuff, it was ridiculous! We were going like 25 on 81 because it was impossible to function it was so bad! But I came out okay. :) Oh, and then the whole roomate debacle was continuing today. I had this guy call me who was like 30 and just needed a room until October but was willing to pay off the whole semester. So he sounded cool, but I was still waiting to meet Nate tonight about the place. So I told him I'd let him know this evening what's up. So, anyhow, I'm driving and about 2 hours in, he calls me and is like essentially, "oh sorry, I've made other plans." So, I'm like great, I've changed all my plans and had a heart attack for you and now you tell me its not going to work. So, I was like blah, got nothing to do now. So I decided to call up E and invite her over for dinner to make up for being a crackhead lately. She said that was cool and whatnot, so I got in from the drive around 6:20, unpacked, rolled out to Kroger, got some goods, then met her back at my place around 7. I made some chiken mozerella and rice and bread and it turned out really good. :D So we hung out and had dinner and chatted and stuff and it was really nice. Curt dropped in around 10 and chatted for a bit, then E left around 10:30. Then Curt and I chatted a bit and I was feeling tired, but around 11 he somehow talked me into going out downtown. We went over to The Cellar and chilled there and watched this bluegrass plan play. They were pretty good and it was really cool and funny. I enjoyed it a lot, this may become tradition, lol. :) I felt, haha. Now, I'm back in from that and exhausted!

Deep Thoughts on the Day:
It was weird today. I actually felt kinda sad leaving work when it stuck me that I may not come back there. For as much as I hate that place, I started feeling really sentimental and sad. Now I don't want to leave, lol. :) And then at home, right as I was walking out the door the last time, I just kinda stopped and almost felt like I was going to cry. I talk so much about hating being at home, but for some reason I just felt so sad leaving today. It was so weird. Now I feel homesick...ah well, time for bed. :)

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