Saturday, August 14, 2004

Ambiently Chillin

That's what I'm doing right now, haha. I found this Shoutcast radio station and the genre is called "abient chill". It's really cool and extremely chill. I'm just like all mellowing out to this right now, it's quality. :P So, anyhow, today was good stuff. Woke up kinda late, then right after I got out of the shower, the Adelphia guy shows up. I was like, awesome, because I figured he wouldn't show up until like 5pm. So, we spent some time hooking up the cable and internet and then he left. Then I couldn't get my net to work so I spent like 25 minutes on hold and then got support and smacked myself upside the head for being so stupid. So, then got the internet working, woohoo! So that was done, then I went to the post office around 11:30, then over to Tim's to move his furniture around and we ate some pizza for lunch. :) Then me and Tim went over to the Tech course and met up with Jesse and Brian at 2 to play some golf. It was a ton of fun. The front nine, we played alone and I just played excellently! My soul was feeling so peaceful that I just felt like I could swing freely and just not care and I did and played awesome. I shot a 39, but it should've only been a 1-over 37 if I hadn't screwed up on the last couple shots of the last hole. :( Then for the second nine, we decided to do a team competition, me and Tim versus Jesse and Brian. We made up our own format called best-worst ball. You start by both taking drives, then you play from the best drive. Then you both hit from there and then you take the worst shot of those 2 shots. Then from there, you both hit and take the best shot from thoe two shots. And on nd on it goes, just alternating. I've never heard of such a thing, and it was butt-confusing at first, but it turned out okay. It was a lot of fun! :) It took a lot longer to play but it was cool. I think we ended up losing to Jesse and Brian by 2 stokes. Oh well. So we got done around 6:30, then I rolled over, picked up Olga, and we went to Oasis at the Byrd's house. That was a really good time too, seeing the whole gang of folk again. Good times, good laughs, good new-names. :P So, Olga and I left there around 11ish, then I came back here and have been chillin ever since! Oh, yeah, and roomate info for today. The 30-something guy, AJ, I had been trying to call back all day yesterday and he wouldn't answer. Then I finally got him this morning, but he said he found another place, so that sucked. So I tried calling back the mom who needed the place for her son. I couldn't contact her most of the day and was starting to get nervous. Then I finally got her around 3 today and we talked everything over and stuff. She seemed much nicer and not as pushy and weird as previous days, so that was cool. But, I guess now, I'm going to have her son Ben living with us in the fall. I really hope he's a good guy. I have yet to talk to him or anything, so I'm really afraid that there's a coverup in the works here and that he's really sketch. :-/ But, we shall see I suppose.

Deep Thoughts on the Day:
Why the heck am I not tired??! I was starting to get tired around 10 at fellowship, but then right after that like my battery power kicked in or something and I've been buggin ever since then. I feel so awake and am just chillin out to my ambient mamba music. 'Bout to break out a hammock and some cigars, lol. :-P (i'm just waiting and knowing that any second I'm going to crash face-first in tiredness into my laptop, hehe.) It was a fun day though, I've been in a really good mood. It's been awhile since my last good mood...I need to cherish these days, so I guess I'm trying to strech it out now. :-P Kinda like this post...I'm trying to strech it and it doesn't seem to want to ever end, so I'll just keep rambling like this in long run-on sentences that make no sense and just make people mad because they are so horribly wrong and they really make people like Olga mad but thats a whole new story and I won't get into it now because this sentence is long but its fun to write because it is long but my fingers are getting tired and maybe i should stop, but I don't really want to but maybe I will and where is my ergo keyboard, hmm, I dunno, that would be nice right now though, I wonder where i packed it and if it really works anyhow, hmm, maybe I should end this, the carpel tunnel is coming on, haha. :H

Call Me Leef.

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