Monday, August 23, 2004

Who Needs Sleep?

I do! Apparently BNL doesn't according to the song I'm listening to. Anyhow, today was...interesting. Went to church this morning and it was okay and then went swimming with Liz and a bunch of other folk from the church. That was quite fun, but extremely tiring, plus I got a decent burn! Oh well. After that, we went over for evening service which went pretty well. After that I went over to the Pinckney's and chatted with Liz a bit and Laura made us omelets that were to die for. Mmmm! :-H Then me and Liz went to the Baker's and joined lots of Harvest peeps to chill there and watch the Olympics and stuff. Twas a good time also. :) Got in a bit after 11 and now am starting to realize that I have school tommorow. 10 more hours of summer. :( :( :( Oh well, it was a great one, I can't complain!

Deep Thoughts on the Day:
Man, between last night and this morning, I crashed and crashed hard. I just slowly realized how much my heart and mind has not been focused on God and His will, but rather my own selfishness and it's been showing up in many ways in my life recently. Mostly in my relationships with people and just being a jerk to everybody. I just feel so broken and lowly and humbled by all that I realized today. I talked with Liz a bunch at the pool and then again at her house this evening and we really worked a lot of things out together. I just need to stop controlling everything all the time and just be more willing to loosen the grip a bit and give God more control in my life. The only way to do this is to constantly be in prayer, which I haven't been at all. So I really need to fix that. Plus, I really want to try hard to make my heart more loving towards other people in general. I'm tired of being introverted and callous in life, I need this to change. And I think through lots of prayer and a little practice, I might be able to pull it off. But, that's where I stand. It's been awhile since God's broken my heart like this, but its been good. I really needed today, and its actually perfect timing, because I feel like I can start over clean tommorow with the new semester and really focus on putting some new things into practice. God is good. :D

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