Sunday, August 22, 2004

But Anyway

I love that song. Blues Traveler rules. :) Today was nice. Got up at 7 and then dragged myself off to softball practice at 8. I felt so tired, but once I got out there and played it helped to wake up. That was fun and I got to hit a ball for the first time in four years! Practice ended a bit before 10. Then I went out and ran some errands and stuff. Then had lunch and then went out to by a book from someone. Then came back, got some stuff done, then ran out to buy another book from someone. Then came back, then later went out and sold a book to someone. Then came back, did more organizing, then ran out to buy yet another book from someone else. When it was all said it done, I had all of my books bought for the semester and sold one from last year, so that was sweet. :) Got a lot of nagging tasks and bills done this afternoon, then at 6 went over to the Batton's for their get-together. That was a lot of fun, I had some good laughs and good times with everyone. :P Got home from that at like 11:30 or something and Chris was here. So we chatted and hung and caught up for a bit, then I slaved away with him at trying to get his TV/Cable/Speakers to work in the basement. That was a pain, but now it's good to go. :) But, I missed my bedtime goal by over an hour and now I'm exhausted. I'm running on the fumes of a few cups of Vanilla Coke that I've been downing to stay functional. 8)

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