Monday, August 23, 2004

Cry Freedom

To go with the common theme of the past couple days, I'm just going to title my posts from now on with the title of whatever song is playing on Winamp at the time. This is so much easier and saves me from having to be creative. =P Okay, well today was super. It was so good. I just tried to do some new things to get my focus and my heart right today. Keys to my day:

1. Start taking notes when doing morning quiet time to help focus my mind and learn something.
2. Make small prayer list to keep mind focused while praying and not wander when trying to think of things to pray about.
3. Constantly be in prayer about anything and everything throughout the day, no matter how small it may be.
4. Keep my head up while walking and make an effort to notice people and say hi if I know them.
5. When talking to people, make more effort to ask questions and try to geniuenly care about the answers.

So, yeah, I tried to practice all of these today, especially the prayer part and it was just awesome. Had the best day, and everything went great! I saw a million people on campus today and chatted with a bunch and then saw this old guy from Gateway Baptist passing out New Testaments and I stopped and chatted with him and just encouraged him in the faith and it was just awesome! I had a raging grin on my face and my heart was about to bust out of my shirt aafter that convo, it was so sweet! Classes went well and it was just the best day. After school, I got some errands and stuff done and then me and Chris made dinner together and had fun doing that and chatting and that was just so cool. I've never cooked with a roomy before and it was just fun sharing my food and time with him. I just feel a great vibe about this group of guys, like its gonna be a lot closer and more sharing and togetherness than past roomates. And hopefully I can do my share to breed that and not withdrawal myself as I have in the past. :) Only problem of today is that fact that roomate #4, Ben, is still MIA. I've emailed his mom and been calling for three days now, and still no word. I think I've been screwed over. Oh well, whatever. Strangely, I'm not really worried all that much. God is good and something will happen here, I'm sure. I've posted an ad again, so we'll see. Anyhow, so after dinner, I went with Liz and Rebecca over to the opening night of Campus Crusade. It was pretty cool and nice to see some old friends and the worship was cool and it was fun chatting and stuff. Good times. :) So, overall, today was great and just a real encouraging start to a new semester. I'm excited. God is good. :D

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