Tuesday, August 24, 2004


mmm good song. I love America (the band). Well, I love the country America as well. :P Well, today was decent. Woke up a bit after 9 after sleeping through my 7am alarm. I didn't want to wake up. I was in the middle of a great dream that I didn't want to end. But then it did, and then it bothered me for the first half of the day. 'Twas oddness. Hmmm. Anyhow, so then I read the second half of Romans 1 which was cool and then jumped on the bus for class around 10:30ish. First class was geology at 11 and it was allright. Seems like its gonna be incredibly easy, so I'm down with that. Only problem is, the professor seems quite boring- I was struggling to stay awake today. After class, we had our first peeps lunch at Owens for the new semester. That was pretty fun, then afterwards I got a quick chance to chat with Liz which was nice. Then I went off to my HCI class at 2. I think I'm going to like this class a lot. It's not a normal CS class...it actually sounds fun, and interesting. The professor is very lively and funny and its a small class with group projects and stuff. I just get a great vibe about it, I'm excited. :) So that went well, then I came back and the internet was down AGAIN at my place, so I spent a good deal of time brow-bashing Adelphia on the phone. They really need to fix this internet, because its getting very annoying. When that was done, I went out to enjoy the nice weather and played some golf at VT. Teed off about 4:30 and played with a married PhD student who was pretty nice. I played lousy at first but then started swinging real well at the end. Ended up with a 43 for the front nine, so that was good. Then on the back, the other guy quit, so I joined with two other students who were nice too. I played real well on the back and shot a 41, so overall 84 which I shall accept. :) Got done around 7:40, so just about 3 hours for 18 holes, which was awesome. Its always better when playing fast like that. Came back, had dinner and then sat out in the backyard for almost two hours just chillin, prayin and consulting Mr. Punch Maduro about the secrets to life, lol. =P It was real relaxing and a good end to my day.

Deep Thoughts on the Day:
I think I wasted all my happy energy yesterday, haha. I mean, today was good, but my heart just wasn't on fire and my focus wasn't as set on God today as it was yesterday. I think I was distracted by some other things and just felt tired in my head also for most of the day. But it wasn't a bad day my any measure. It was just kinda neutral I guess, which is fine. :)

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