Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Ah yes, my favorite song off of the new Bebo Norman album, Try, which I got today. It's great, I love it! :D Doubt I'll be listening to much else for the rest of the week. :) Today was another fairly decent day. Got up early and spent a good amount of time reading some articles on a site from my devotional- Good stuff. :) Then I ran off to class around 9:30 and it went well and then me and Liz had lunch on the drillfield around 11:15. It was really pretty and good convos. :) After that, I went off to my Stats class which was kinda boring, much the teacher is great. I think he's an alcoholic but at least he's funny, lol. :P After class, came back and set stuff up with the new roomy, then went to Wal-Mart, then came back and Curt dropped in and he hung here and talked for like an hour or two I think. That was fun though. He dipped at 6:30 and then I ran over to Harvest at 7 to help pass out flyers for the Open House on Sunday. Liz and I took a street and it was pretty fun. We met some interesting folk and were able to get out quite a few flyers, so hopefully we'll have a nice turnout. :) Came back here a bit before 9, then Chris and I watched the last half of Mad Max 1. Then I needed to start on my homework after 10 and the internet blew up for over an hour until right now. :-( So I was useless and played guitar for awhile. Now, I'm back up but don't want to do HW. Guess I'll procrastinate until morning. :P

Great story of the day:
So, yeah, I was really distraught about the whole roomate situation last night and this morning. So all morning I prayed over and over and over again about what the heck to do about it. I mustive prayed about 15 times in 3 hours, hehe, but it was just really irking me. So, I come out of class at 11 and my phone has a missed call. So I call it back, and its this guy Bo looking for a room for the fall. So I call him back and he ends up coming over and stuff and liking the place and moved in this afternoon! He's seems real nice too and I think he'll fit in just perfect! I'm so excited, this is like the best and quickest answer to prayer ever. Praise God! :-H

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