Tuesday, August 03, 2004

One Tired Mofo

Man, I don't think I've ever been so tired in my entire life! Today was moving day and it was ridiculous! Got up at 7, packed some stuff up, picked up my new house keys at 8:30 and then just moved stuff until about 8pm. Curt and Steve W. helped me in the morning and that was awesome as we were able to get all of the small stuff moved out in about 4 trips. Then we went to lunch at Hardees and I had the new, heralded, thick-burger for the first time. And wow, the hype is so true, that burger was GOOD! :-) That was cool, then my parents and sisters came in with the moving van full of stuff at around 2. We unloaded all that with Curt and Steve and then they left and Jesse came over to help at a bit before 3. So he helped me move all the big stuff out of Tee Street and over to Oak Manor. That was a ton of work, and we walked out of Tee Street for the last time ever around 5:15. I was so happy!! That was a ton of work moving all the big stuff out, and then we had to move it all in. By the time we were all done with that it was like 7 and I couldn't hardly move anymore. Thank goodness for Jesse!! He had to leave around then though, so after that we had everything in the house, but it was time to organize and situate. We did a little of that, but not too much. Just enough to get my bed set up. :-P Then at like 8:30, Curt, Joel and Mason randomly dropped in and we chilled and chatted for a bit. That was fun and we hung out downstairs. The downstairs is such a chill room, I love it! Can't wait until we put a pool table in there! Once they left, we had Domino's for dinner and then I organized a bit more to find some clothes, and now I'm hitting the sack. I'm so tired, my body feels like its just going to implode at some point soon...

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