Wednesday, August 04, 2004

And Another Long Day

Well, today was more of the same I suppose. Spent the entire day unpacking things out of boxes and organizing the entire house. It was quite the process! We've just about got everything done though, thank goodness. Just have some pictures and posters to hang and then do the condition report tommorow and then I'll be done. Kind of a bummer though, there's a lot of things that need to be fixed in this place. :-( Hopefully the landlord will cover the cost on them...they should. But, yeah, I didn't get out of the house all day, just pretty much moved stuff and organized stuff from 9-7. We watched Blue Streak as a family tonight and that was a fun way to end the day. :) Not too sure yet what the rest of the week holds...might be going to Smith Mountain Lake, might not be. Who knows... I just know I'm pooped and should probably be gettin to bed about now!

Close Call of the Day:

So, all of us were busy all day and then my mom came back with groceries around 2pm. About an hour after that, different people were like, "hey, where's Shadow, anybody seen her?" Nobody had for a long time. Then panic ensued. My mom had left the door open and thought she slipped outside and my dad had left the attic ladder down and thought she climbed that and then got locked in there were it's like 120 degrees and was dead. So my sisters were flippin out and frantically searching for her, my mom my bawling her eyes out, and my dad was running a war path around the house looking also. I tried not to get excited, cause she is scared of going outside and she likes to hide in little crevices somewhere, so I was convinced we would find her. So we searched and searched for about 20 minutes, and right at the end, I was started to feel a little scared myself, but then I found her balled up in a window curtain in the basement taking a nap. :-D Thank goodness!! It was quite an escapade to say the least. The thing I find funniest is that just a few weeks ago my parents were like, "no, you don't need that stupid cat!" Now, they're like addicted to it and love her to death already and my mom was crying over her!! I guess Shadow has that effect on people, she's so cute! And this is why I couldn't find it in my heart to let her go to the shelter. :)

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