Monday, August 02, 2004

last blog from Tee Street!

Thank goodness. lol. :) Yep, tonight is my last night here in this hell hole. Can't wait to get out and move tommorow!! Well, to recap today quickly, it was quite boring and uneventful. To recap slowly, its as follows. Got up early then slothed and went back to bed then got up late. Then lazed around some more, had lunch, then lazed some more. Then decided I should do something so I went out and got a checking account made and signed up for Adelphia and bought some light bulbs. Then I lazed some more, then figured it would be good to finish cleaning. So I cleaned the upstairs bathroom which took forever, then I finished the kitchen, then tried to make some dinner with my remaining food. Didn't work so well but luckily I was saved. Elizabeth called at like 5 something and we chatted and then I went over to their place for dinner. Good times and good food as always. :-D So that was real nice to hang out there and to see her again. Kinda boosted my day cause I was real blah up to that point. Then, her and Doug had to head out to NC, so I left at like 8 something and came back here inspired again. Got to work and finished up the downstairs bathroom and it looks great. :) Now all that's left to do is Sean's bedroom, but I'll finish that after I get all the boxes out of here later tommorow. Guess I should rest now, cause tommorow is gonna suck!!

Great news of the Day:
Found out this morning that the stupid lady who does the govn't tuition assistance screwed me over and refuses to let my paperwork go through for it. I was dumb and accidentally let slip a tiny innuendo that I didn't intend to return after graduating and she got pissed off and took it way out of context and stuff and now it's come to this. She was so nice at first, but now she's the biggest biatch of all time and this is not going to work out it looks like. :( I can just imagine what she looks like; some fat butch lesbian type that hates life and kids and men and especially college men. Argghh!!! So now, I'm not completely sure what I'm going to do for money. I guess I'll probably take another semester off and work or something. Or maybe work half the time for each of my senior semesters or something. I dunno. I just know this doesn't help. :-/

In other News:
Unless I get lucky and somebody close to me in Oak Manor has an unprotected wireless network, I probably won't be blogging for a number of days to come. I may be able to get on campus to do stuff, but I dunno yet. So, this is a formal apology to all you addicts. Just drink lots of coffee to allivate the shakes you'll get from blog-reading withdrawal. :P

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