Sunday, August 01, 2004


badumdeediddlydoobeedoodedayyy. It's official, I've lost it, I'm insane. No big deal tho, cause, "baby, a little bit crazy's allright!" Hmm so what did I do today. Went to church, it was cool, then went to Jesse & Ila's and had an awesome lunch, then went over with Jessie & Ila and Liz and played some golf. It was awesome too and lots of fun. Then we quickly went over to evening church service and that was cool too. Then like everybody from the church went to Dairy Queen afterwards, so I was going over, but Steve W. calls and wants to hang, so I go and pick him up and we went to DQ. By then the seats were gone so we difected from the church and just hung out and talked together. But it was nice and fun. Then we went home, then me, Curt and Mason shrink-wrapped Doug's car to cause him even more aggravation for his birthday. It got wrapped up really well and is hilarious. I would pay a million dollars to see his reaction in the morning. Maybe I should just go camp out in their trees for the night just to see it. lol. Ugh, yeah, I'm tired, but it feels early. I think I'll waste some time.

Deep Thoughts of the Day:
in the words of Dave Matthews, "my head is spinning headisspinning faster...myheadisspinningfaster...myadheradyadf;!!!!! BOOM!" I'm tired of a lot of things at the moment. Time to go boom. (shockalakalaka) :-P

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