Sunday, August 01, 2004


Man, I'm so tired! Ugh! Yesterday just killed me. Got up at 7:30 and then from 8am to 6pm I spent packing up my stuff and cleaning out my entire place. And it's still not done. I have half the kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a bedroom yet to do. :-( I got a lot done yesterday though and it just wore me out. I couldn't take the beating anymore, so at like 7 I went over to Curt's place. We got a few steaks and some other good stuff and grilled them up and hung out for awhile. That was a lot of fun. Then we got wind that the Pinckneys were back in town earlier than expected, so we plotted to do something to Doug since his birthday is today. So, around 11 we got Elizabeth to take Doug out on a walk as me, Curt and Matt waited in the bushes by the road to ambush him. When they walked by we jumped out and grabbed him and put a bag over his head. Then walked him blindly to Curt's car and threw him in the trunk. Aw, it was so hilarious! :P We decided to be nice and let him out of the car and drove him over to Macado's. We all bought those massive Pop's Delight, or whatever they're called, glasses of ice cream and brownie. Terrible idea. After almost finishing that plus 2 steaks, potatoes and mozzarella sticks in 3 hours time, I felt sick. In fact, I still feel a bit queezy this morning. :-S But it was for a good cause and Doug had a fun time welcoming in his birthday. :) Got back at like 1 and passed out, hehe.

Deep Thoughts of the Day:
Wow, I cannot believe that it is now August already! That just blows my mind. The summer is nearly over and seems like it just began. It has been a good one though. :-)

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