Saturday, August 07, 2004

Fun Stuff

:-D Yeah, today was a lot of fun. Me and the fam all woke up fairly late today around like 9-10ish. Then we packed up and left for Smith Mountain Lake around 11. We got there at like 1 and went into the state park area to see what was up there. We walked around the lake a bit then sat down for lunch. It was gorgeous! The lake was so nice and the weather was just perfect and so clear! :) So that was fun and then we wanted to rent a boat. Unfortunatley, we didn't get to the rental place until almost 3, and by that time all the rentals were gone. :-( So, we were pretty bummed out and left the park, but then on the way out found a private marina that rented boats. So we went there and they had a bunch of pontoon boats left for a better price than the park, plus we were allowed to stay out until 8pm rather than 6pm. So we got a big pontoon boat from 4-8 and toured the lake. It was so much fun and very relaxing! The lake was just gorgeous and really cool to travel around. It was fun too looking at all the big houses and designs and stuff on the shorelines. I tried some fishing but the fish weren't biting. :-/ Oh well. I think the water was too cold since it had been only about a high of 70-75 the last couple days here. I also decided not to swim because it was pretty cool out. But, overall the boat ride was great and everyone had a good time. :) So, a bit after 8 we headed on home. The weather was just so awesome today, and there was the most beautiful sunset ever tonight over the lake. It definitley rivaled the one I saw in Coronado. It was just amazing! I was a little bummed though, because we were in the car and my camera wasn't handy. Oh well. The, we stopped at Wendy's for dinner on the way home and had a fun time there. Bumper dumpers rule!! :P Just got in a bit ago and I want to pass out now!

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