Friday, August 06, 2004


Mmm, yeah, today was real nice. This morning was really busy, we spent it going through the whole house looking for flaws and problems to put on the condition report. That took a bit of doing. Then I went over to campus around 11 and walked up to Randolph since it was close to use the wireless internet there. I got a bunch of stuff done and then thought I would go see where Elizabeth works. She happened to be right next door in Hancock, so that was cool to see her and chat for a bit. Then I went over to the bursar to pay my tuition bill and try to figure out where the heck my scholarship money went. They didn't know, so I was real stressed about that because nobody seemed to know what happened to my $1,000 for this semester. Lastly, I went over to Townside to turn in the condition report, but didn't get to talk to the property manager, so I'm not sure when I'll get all this stuff fixed on here. Then I came back with all my tasks complete and my family was gone out, so I was kinda bored. So I just sat on my front steps for an hour or so and enjoyed the weather and the area. I'm really loving my new location. It's so peaceful and pretty and nice here. The weather was phenominal today and it was just cool to sit and enjoy it and slow down my life for a bit. =D I also met two new cats from on my street and they came by to snuggle for a bit. Cats seem to love me for some reason, I dunno. I guess maybe because I actually give them attention. I enjoy them though. :) Then at like 2 something Elizabeth and Laura came over to bring me a Claytor Lake cup holder, lol. I gave them the grand tour of the new place while they were here and that was fun. Then right as they were leaving, the scholarship lady called me and we figured everything out and found my thousand dollars! So that was super. :) After that, me and the family headed over to Claytor Lake to hang out. We walked around the lake some and took some pictures and such. I tried fishing but there wasn't anywhere good to fish on shore. We were going to take a boat, but it was just too cold. I don't think it got much above 70 degrees today, it felt like fall! It was gorgeous though. So we quickly got bored with Claytor so I took everybody over to Pandapas Pond. This was a ton of fun, they loved it! It was SO beautiful there today, I've never seen it so nice!! We all took a nice leisurely walk around, stopping every so often to observe stuff or talk or skip rocks or something. It was really cool. My mom absolutely loved it too, I think she had the most fun of everyone. :) So that was great, then we came back here, I did some more decorating downstairs, then it was still so nice out any everyone was watching T.V., so I decided to go sit alone in the backyard while the sun set. I sat out there for about an hour just thinking about life and spending some time in prayer also. Elizabeth reminded me earlier today that prayer is good for me, so I tried it out again tonight cause its been awhile since I had a good prayer time and it was really good. I feel a lot better now and more at peace. :-) And it was just cool to sit out there and relax. After that we had a late dinner, then watched a few classic episodes of Fawlty Towers with the family. That was very fun, its such a hilarious show, I love it! :P And that is about that. I think its time for some rest!

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