Thursday, July 08, 2004

time for your daily fix...

Well, yesterday was pretty decent I guess. Went back to work for the first time in quite awhile. It started off really slow and I had nothing to do for a number of hours. I was so bored. Basically spent most of my morning playing Stratego on the computer and then watching Strong Bad emails on . Finally, John came up with a project for me to do, so me and Charles worked on it together and I dumped knowledge into his brain so that I can quit. :) Oh, and speaking of quitting, I found out today that my other favorite guy to work with (even more favorite than Bill) is going to be quitting at the end of July. :-( It's like all my good friends here can't take it anymore and are jumping ship. To quote an old saying- "if everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you just follow?" In this case I'd say, "yes, absolutely!" hehe. :) So, anyhow, I got busy late in the day and decided that I'd put in a nice 12-hour day and get some comp-time. It was real good to do that, a)to keep my mind busy and get it off of my life lately and b)I really need to work a bunch of OT now so that I can meet my goal of having 90% of August off. :D Then, I finally got off work a bit before 7. Came home, had dinner, then just mellowed out and tried to keep busy by playing guitar, reading a couple chapters of Prophet, and then having a solid quiet time before bed. All in all the day was pretty good. Had some thoughts, but nothing extremely new or blog-worthy. Looking forward to a good day today! :)


Anonymous said...

"daily fix"..."YOUR daily fix"--what is that?? Don't you think you're assuming a little too much about your readers? Are you implying that they depend on your blog for emotional stability? Are you assuming that they need your blog like a cup of coffee??

I'm outraged.

Justin said...

>Are you assuming that they need your blog like a cup of coffee??

funny you should say that...tells me a lot about your position. ;-D

Anonymous said...

No, that's not it. Not at all. :) I meant, "I need your blog like a fish needs a bicycle." No reference whatsoever to coffee. That was entirely unintentional.



Justin said...

>"I need your blog like a fish needs a bicycle."

LOL. Now...I know that from somewhere...what is it??? arghhh

Anonymous said...

The original is on a feminist bumper sticker: "A woman needs a man like..." It's just such a great quote, and I normally can't use it just anywhere. =)



Justin said...

:O You're a feminist now. That explains A LOT.

j/k ;)