Friday, July 09, 2004

The best feeling ever...

...happened to me this morning. Woke up at 3:45 and started getting ready for work and stuff. I was feeling REALLY tired though. Then I slipped on my glasses and promptly noticed that I still had 1 1/2 hours to sleep! YESSSSSSSSSS!!! Jumped back into bed and fell asleep in peaceful bliss! :-) So, anyhow, yesterday was cool too. Work went allright. I got a new task to do which is really hard and makes absolutely no sense, but at least it keeps me busy. I put in a 10-hour day yesterday to keep busy. Then after work I got back and my new David Gray album was awaiting me. I was stoked to hear it, so I put it on, but I guess exhaustion from 22 hours of work in two days + 3 hours driving got to me and I passed out on my bed for the better part of an hour or so and slept through hearing my album. :-/ But that's ok, cause once I got up I listened to it about 3 times through because its so good. :D While listening, I worked on making Sol a website and got some progress done on that, finally. Then I read a couple more chapters of Prophet and had a good quiet time, then passed out again. No deep thoughts today, really, which is good actually. My noggin has been needing an extended break like this for awhile. Even if it means flooding it with computer code so that there's no more room for deep thoughts, that's ok sorta should count as a break I reckon. :)

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