Wednesday, July 07, 2004

good morning!

Well, it's time for my first early morning blog. Looking back on yesterday, it went ok I guess. I woke up at 5:15am and was like "um...NO". My head was just bangin as I just felt physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually drained from the weekend. So I decided that I was entitled to a mental health day and took some sick leave. Then fell back asleep and didn't get back up until about 11:45am. :-) I really needed that. Then, for the afternoon I just took time to get so many nagging tasks done and really sort some things out and get organized. That was excellent. I also crammed in practicing my speech a few times over for the evening. So, the afternoon was very productive and I'm glad I took the time off to handle that. Then, I went off to my class at 6:30 and was a little nervous since I hadn't practiced my speech much. But, it actually went quite well and I was real happy with how I did, so that was great. Now have 3 down and 1 to go. :-D Also found out that I got an 88 on my last speech, so that's pretty good and I've put myself in a position that I could basically just go and drool on the floor for my final speech and still pass the class with a C, which is all I need. So, w00t! After class I came home and had a really nice quiet time. It took every stinkin ounce of my willpower not to turn my computer on and check my email. I was twitching, lol. :) But anyhow, I started back into a book that I had stopped reading last summer. It's called Keys To Spiritual Growth by John MacArthur and it seems like a real good book. So I read that in conjunciton with some Bible last night and it was quality. :)

Deep Thoughts of the Day:
Well I spent a lot of time alone today and it kinda sucked. I let a lot of feelings of lonliness and boredom and sadness creep back into my mind and it really tore at me all day and even into this morning. I'm not sure how to get them out. I never thought I'd say it, but I can't wait until school starts. When school is going, I don't have time to get depressed, just constantly stressed all the time. I haven't decided yet what's better though... I guess that's not the proper answer though, but I'm not sure what is. I'm just really struggling to find ways in which I should enjoy my single years. So far I can't really think of anything appealing to me. :-/ Anybody have any ideas?

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