Monday, July 05, 2004

I am thourougly pooped!

Man, this entire weekend is suddenly coming crashing in on me right the moment. I feel like I'm about to fall over in my chair. Anyhoo, today was most excellent. I got up at 7 to work on my speech. I was so tired, I got no sleep last night. My mind was bothering me so much, I must've woken up about 6 times and couldn't get back to be. So I was hurtin this morning. I worked for a few hours trying desperatly to write some resemblance of a speech. I was unmotivated to do it, it was ridiculous. I got most of it done and then went out for lunch with Elizabeth. We went over to the Duck Pond a little before noon and had lunch and put some closing touches on some unanswered questions and things that had been urking my mind. It was an awesome convo and I'm really grateful that she was willing to rehash stuff again. I think we walked away a lot better than we came in and it really capped off a weekend that was full of emotion, confusion, tons of thoughts and many other things. But the talk really eased my mind and helped me to focus as I drove home this afternoon. I left for home at 3 and got back at around 7:20 tonight. During that time I really just organized my thoughts about everything that went down and I really squared some things out. It was excellent and I feel a million times better than I had at this time yesterday. I've just developed an overwhelming peace about it, even more so than I had on Friday night. :-) Overall, I couldn't have asked for a better weekend. 8D Once I got back tonight, I unpacked, had dinner, and then spent forever taking care of like 10 thousand EBay transactions. :-/ Now, I have to cram and finish writing my speech. And then I have to deliver it in 20 hours. I don't know how I'm going to do this. :-( I thought I was done procrastinating in life...oh well. :-/

Deep Thoughts on the Day:
Tons and tons and tons of stuff, but nothing for public consumption. :) Other than that, as you can see, I've decided to keep blogging. This also means I've decided to keep thinking and trying in life. I've come too far this year and made too much effort to let it hang out now. Plus, with all that I worked out with Liz today, its motivated me much more to keep on going. :) Oh, and in other news, this may be my last night blog. I think I'm going to start blogging at work in the morning about the previous day. I'm going to pack my home computer away I think so as not to be tempted to be addicted to certain things that have been ruining my walk with God lately. I want to be able to come home and spend quality time reading my Bible and also with just doing other things like reading other books or spending time with family and friends. Not sitting on my computer wasting time and being addicted to Outlook all evening.

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