Saturday, July 24, 2004

My spine is about to split...

I'm SO tired!!!! Oh man, so yeah, I got up at 8 today and starting at 8:30am until right now (13 hours) I've tore apart my entire room and half the house cleaning up stuff and boxing up things and furniture for college. I feel like I'm about to pass out, lol. Shew! That was A TON of work. But now I'm all done, thank goodness!! Nice and early too so I'm not rushed and now I have time to think of stuff I may have forgotten. Well, seeing as that's all I've done all day and haven't had any interesting thoughts, I'll post some pics of armaggedon at my house today. Enjoy:

Yes, I'm bringing ALL of this, haha. :)

Another angle of the mess of the century:

Aerial view of insanity and broken backs:

On a side note, I do feel quite accomplished. :) It's been a long time since I've had a productive day. t00t! :P


Anonymous said...

Ptah! This is an old blog!

Justin said...

*ahem!* apparently SOME PEOPLE are extremely impatient and can't handle an old blog. I'm sorry that I'm not feeding the need for new news! Even though my blog may be better than coffee, don't start twitching!!