Friday, July 23, 2004

might as well blog now I guess

Since I'm bored out of my mind waiting for Rob to get home. This is going to officially be the latest party ever. And I'm pooped. I think I'm going to go over there, say hi, say bye, then come home, lol. :-/ Maybe this is good though, less time to face tempation. It shall be interesting. So let's has been pretty great for the most part. Work was nice, I only had to do 8 hours today. :) Everybody came back from the business trip so it was hustling and bustling and I actually had a few things to make myself productive doing. So that was nice. I also finally did research and decided on a subject for my final speech for Tuesday- I'm going to persuade the class as to why we should have a baseball team in D.C. :) Then for lunch we had almost everybody get together and go out to Maggiano's (see below) for a going away party for Mike and Van. That place is so friggin good!! We just ate and ate and ate so much food and had a great time talking and stuff. It was sweet, and took about 2 hours, so by the time I got back I was almost off, lol. Then I got off and went down to have my yearly optomistrist appointment. I was reminded by the secretary that I look like Keifer Sutherland. It's been a number of months since that's happened, so I was rather excited, hehe. I think the last time was a drunk chick in Sharkey's who tried to get my autograph, haha! So I got my eyes checked and my vision is still the same, so that's very good. It always scares me though doing those weird tests and stuff because they're so bizzare and I'm like, "hmm, I *think* I saw something but I dunno, should I press the buzzer or not?? What if I screw up by accident and they like think I'm going blind or something??" Lol. :) But I guess I came out okay. Then got back home about 4:30 and power napped and was bored on the computer. Then my sisters called and I had to pick them up from the softball field because it had stormed. We actually got 5 seperate thunderstorms between 1 and 7 today. It was ridiculous!! I've never seen so much rain. So yeah, we were driving back and on Route 7 and we looked west and there was just this defined line of the storm moving right at us. I've never seen clouds so dark and low like that before, it was SO COOL! You could like see the rain and stuff and it was just this thick black line. I totally wanted my camera right then, but alas. :-S Then after we got home, my parents came back. They had gone out and got me a dinner table for my townhouse at a thrift shop. Problem was, the thing got totally soaked in the thunderstorm on the way back. :( So we spent a good deal of time trying to dry that off as best we could. I think it should be okay. And that leads me up to now. Just being bored, waiting on Rob and watching the DMB setlist for tonight at VA Beach. I'm starting to wish I had gone out there tonight because it's looking like a great show and it sure as heck would've been better than this. :-/

Deep Thoughts on the Day:
Well, just got some more job ideas to throw back into the pot and stir up with yesterday's. Having lunch today was so much fun and I just remembered how many great people and personalites that I do work with. If I leave, I'm going to miss a number of these guys. They are a really fun bunch to be around, so that makes it tough. Hopefully at any other job, there would be fun guys too, so maybe it won't be all that bad. Also, I found out today, that I might be able to swing something with the govn't for tuition. I could take the tuition assistance, have them pay the $9,000 and I would take leave without pay for 2 years, so I'm technically still on staff. Then, when they go to offer me a full-time job after college, I decline it and then my tuition assistance will become an interest-free loan for 10 years, which is better than an other public-loan you could hope to have. So I seriously might do that because that would solve a lot of problems. :) Plus I gotta call the VSGA and have them send me my scholarship money for this semsester, because it's not here! I think they forgot about me! :-/ Oh well. Arrrggghh....where's Rob?? Blah.

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