Monday, July 19, 2004

and a new week begins

Yesterday was okay for the most part. Got up early and had a nice quiet time before church, but still managed to rush myself to get ready in time. Church was really cool and P.B. talked a lot about spiritual gifts which was interesting since I had just been thinking a lot about that. Then we got a bunch of people together and had lunch at Macado's afterwards and that was a good time. After that I went to Sol's to pick up some furniture and ended up sitting and talking with him for a long time. But it was cool and I learned some things. :) Then it was back to my place to pack up. I hit the road around 5:30 and got back just before 10. The drive was decent, I just kinda zoned out to some music and rested my head. Also I was re-introduced to the fact that the Counting Crows are just an amazing band. So it was a fun drive, then I got home and passed out.

Deep Thoughts on the Day:
Was really in a funky mood yesterday. I had a terrible dream Saturday night that really creeped me out and I woke up in a dead sweat. It was so real and it really bothered me early on yesterday and during church and then somewhat last evening and even a little into this morning. But now its starting to convolute itself in my head over time and losing its significance. I should've wrote it down when I got up, oh well.

Well, it's back to the ol' grind here at work. So bored, so blah. :-/

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