Saturday, July 17, 2004

good shtuff!

:) Today was a lot of fun. Got up early and had an awesome morning quiet time. Then I spent about 5 hours updating my pictures on my site (finally). That was tedious, but I finally checked it off my list of stuff to do. Then at 3 me and Elizabeth went over to Pandapas Pond and hiked and talked a bit. Then this storm came and we were stupid and thought it wouldn't come but it did and we got just completely soaked! It was quite hilarious actually and fun/memorable. =P So that was sweet and we had some good talks, then I went over to the Batton's for their College Night get together. We had a whole ton of college people come out and it was awesome to just hang out and play games and talk and stuff. Lots of fun. :) Not to mention some extremely violent games of spoons, lol. :) And that was pretty much my whole day. I have 10 million deep thoughts, so I don't think I'll type any out. I've been extremely thoughful this whole weekend actually. I guess that's good. :)

This being day 7 of my DMB lyric-kick, I'll close it out with a beautiful song called You Never Know. I also really dig the lyrics for the most part. They really speak to me this weekend especially with all my current thought processes. :)

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