Friday, June 25, 2004

the word for today is blah.

Yeah...blah. Today was ok, I guess. I dunno. I have no good reason to be feeling down but I am. Work went ok today. The whole NMCI thing seemed to have dissapeared. It was weird. Like the heat was on yesterday, but today nobody mentioned anything. So who knows. My project was going great and then I just ran into a logical flaw in the existing code and I just hit a brick wall. I'm not sure what I'm going to do now. Like I was hoping to be done with this today, but didn't envision this happening. So I got really disillusioned and spent the last half of my day blank staring and being unproductive. This got me feeling blah. Then, I was thinking of going to the O's game and some other people wanted to and then they all decided to not go, and I was like...hmm...well blah. :-( So I went home and pouted, haha. No, actually I went home and put some CDs up for sale on Ebay and did some stuff. Then around 7 I grilled up a bunch of hotdogs on my Weber for my family. That was kinda cool and whatever. Then we had dinner and then I just moped around and didn't do much for awhile. Tony came over a bit after 9 to say hi and that was cool so I chatted a bit. Then I was so tired that I just passed out a bit before 11 and didn't wake up until now. (if anyone actually reads this...I'm cheating, it's really 7:30pm on saturday, lol). I dunno what's wrong with me today. I feel so sad and blah I guess and I have no reason to. Maybe its loneliness. Who knows. arrrrgghhh. :(
In Other News:
Today marks my 2 month blogging anniversary!! rock on! :)

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