Sunday, June 27, 2004

At the top of our lungs, halle-le-lujah

mmm yeah, rocked to some Newsboys today in the car and it's been stuck in my head! :) So, yeah today was good stuff. I got up early and drove out about an hour and 20 minutes to Front Royal to play some golf with Sean. We went out to Bowling Green golf course. It was really cool and the weather was just phenominal! It was so pretty out today! And then the golf was great also. My swing just felt better than it ever has, my putting was on, my chipping was on, everything was on. I shot an 80 which is awesome for a course I've never played. I was beating myself though, cause I should've shot much better. I double-bogeyed two holes, triple-bogeyed on hole and then had two easy birdie putts lip out. Thats at least 5 strokes I should've had. Of couse I birdied 3 other holes today, so I can't complain too much! :) I felt GOOD! So then I was hoping to chill with Sean after but found out he had some volunteer auction or something to do at 3, so I turned to plan B instead. I went over to the Countryside pond with Mandy and Karl and then JenA came out too. I haven't seen all them since New Years, so that was really cool! It was so pretty there too, and I FINALLY caught my first fish of 2004!! Granted it was a whooping 6-inch baby catfish that was really nasty looking, but hey, at least it was a living creature, lol. Bah, I really shouldn't count it, it was pathetic, hehe. So we hung there for a few hours and caught up on old times and that was fun. Then I went home and had dinner. After dinner Mandy and I went over to the soccer fields at Nova and hung out and watched the sunset. It was so purdy!! Well, we watched it then got bored and ended up playing soccer which was hilarious at best. 8D But it was fun talking and catching up and reminsicing. Then around 10 we went over to Becky and Joe's basement in the townhouse they're subleasing in. I hadn't seen them since New Year's either so that was entertaining. And I beat Becky at Twister!!! WOOOO! She was talking smack and she won the first game, but I whooped up on the next two to take the series 2/3. :P Then we played some other games and talked and caught up and stuff. And then I got back here, completely whiped out!
Deep Thoughts of the Day:
Got a lot of material today. I guess one is that I finally feel at peace that I stayed here this weekend. Even though my regular friends haven't been wanting to hang, today I caught up with some old-school friends and it was awesome. I saw 6 people today whom I haven't seen in forever. :) And it really got me out of my funk/depression I was in yesterday. Friends are cool! 8D Secondly, on the drive to the course this morning I had some real deep thoughts about Sean and Lori and decided that I really need to talk to Sean about some things. I was all fired up to go out with him after the round and chat, but then found out he had stuff to do. I guess that's been the theme/moral of the week for me. Getting myself all pumped up and confident to have big convos and then not getting the chance. Argh! So there was that. Then there was just a whole slew of thoughts about Mandy and especially Becky and Joe and just how they're living lately and stuff. I dunno, I guess I was just shocked a little by some things. Ehh, who knows. It's too late to think hard. I'm out.

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