Sunday, June 27, 2004


Oh yeah, today rocked! I tried to wake up for church at like 7, and that wasn't working. The whole weight of the week past was just pounding in my head so I went back to bed. I got up to go to the 11:30 service but then didn't. I just wasn't wanting to. I was kinda grumpy and tired and just really didn't want to go to church. I felt bad though, like I really should. But then I thought about it and was like, well if I go, I'm really just going through the motions. It's not with a willing heart, so what's the point? So I just chilled here and did a little of my own quiet time which was good and probably better for me. Then this afternoon, the weather was just drop-dead gorgeous! Around 1 or so I really wanted to get outside and do something. But nobody was around and those that were don't want to be outside. So I started moping in my room getting myself lonely and depressed again. Then finally I just got mad at myself and forced myself outside. I took my chair and my novel and went on deck and read for about four hours. And it was great. It was so nice out and I just soaked up the sites and sounds and feeling of summer while I read and it was just so good and made me so at peace. Then around 6, me and Ken met up and went over to a little get togehter at Candy Baracat's house. Her fiance Brian Donovan and their friend from VT, Matt were there too. I haven't seen them really since high school, so it was so awesome! We just sat and talked and gossiped and told stories for about four hours and caught up on everything in life. It was so neat. It was also so cool seeing about their engagement and their thoughts on that. I never in million years thought those two would be married! So that was real sweet and brought an end to what ended up being an unexpectedly great weekend. I saw so many old friends from so long ago and it just feels great to know that they're still around, doing well and fun to hang with. :)


Brian C. said...

It was a really nice day where I live today, too. It definately makes a really positive difference on the day.

Justin said...

indeed! =D