Thursday, June 24, 2004

It's deeper still

Tonight I rose up with the moon, and looking down from high above
I saw a world carved and confused into valleys deep in need of love
And falling down all thick with grace, Heaven's cloud of mystery
Was filling every empty space, down to the depth of human need
This love that heals, it's deeper still ~Bebo Norman

Arrghhh, I love that song!! Actually, I'm addicted to the whole album. I've listened to it through easily 40 times this week between work, car, and home and I can't get enough. If you read this and don't have it, go get Ten Thousand Days by Bebo Norman and DO IT NOW! 8P

So, today was interesting to say the least. It started off normally at work. I was making good progress on my project and should have it done tommorow. Then, right after lunch, the day went haywire. Now, background info. Steve didn't have an NMCI account yet for an Internet machine, and NMCI takes years to get you one, so he got impatient and tried to add himself an account using a hacking disk. It messsed up his computer, but he sucessfully used Knoppix Linux to get up and running. However, by doing this, it messed up the ports and red-flagged the NMCI "police". Apparently, they decended upon our building today searching for him and found him and now he's in deep doo for compromising a government computer. He could easily get fired among other things, so I'm really scared and sad for him. It was an unclassified system and he wasn't really doing anything bad, just trying to get onto it so he could check email and stuff. So I think they're overreacting and the situtation is all bad. And to make things worse, I guess he told about all of us other guys who modded our systems. We were able to get the administrator password, so a whole bunch of us were able to get in and put other software on our computers. I put some simple stuff like AIM and WinAmp on mine, just to keep me entertained. It wouldn't be a big deal, but since Steve went and did so much more to his computer, now NMCI is having a cow and is going to inspect all of our computers. We had a big meeting today with the big cheeses, and essentially it hit the fan, to say the least. Apparently, technically, we could all lose our jobs, including myself, so this is no good. However, since there were so many of us that modded our systems, there's hardly any chance that they will fire anyone, since its pretty much most of the staff. Steve could be in deep though, and I'm afraid they're going to use him as the scapegoat for all of this. :-/ I've been really disturbed the rest of the day about this. I feel so bad for him. :( I guess if NMCI didn't give us such crap-slow comptuers with inferior software and security holes, we wouldn't have gotten to this point. But that's just the penny pinching government for you. It's time I get lost...

So, after that debacle, I came back here and wanted to go fishing. So I called up Dub and he wanted to go and told me he'd call me back. 3 hours later, he calls and is like, "oh i can't go." Moron. :-/ Over those 3 hours I pretty much passed out and slept. Then I finished working on my CDs and stuff. I'm getting rid of all my jewel cases cause they take up too much room. Just use CD binders. After that, I had dinner and then was feeling bad so I got into reading the book of Jeremiah. I read about 7 chapters and it was allright. I was still feeling bad though. I guess reading about God reacking havok on Jerusalem and Judah just wasn't what I needed tonight. I dunno. I guess I'm flustered over work and also, even though I've decided to stay here, I'm still wrestling with myself over what I wanted to do for this weekend. Meh. I guess I'll try to pray for more peace and then sleep it off or something. :-/

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