Thursday, June 10, 2004

quick thought of the morning

Mmm, here's a quick early morning blog while I'm starting my work day. I just want to get a quick thought down on here for the record while I'm thinking about it. One thing Elizabeth mentioned to me last night was something she's been working on in her life, and that's to remember thoughts that we have and then act on them later. I've really been thinking a lot about that this morning and I thought I'd write this thought down so I can remember and act on it later. (This is a rather circular process in a sense) :) I need to remember to do this a lot more than I do. One of my goals in starting this blog back in April was for this fact alone. I want to be able to look back when I'm going through tough times and see what I was thinking and feeling and then how I resolved those things. And I need to start remembering to do that. It's very hard to get used to. I'll get deep thoughts on life and work out my problems of my day before bed, but then when I get up, it's a whole new day with its own set of problems, and the thoughts of the previous day tend to just be forgotten. So I really appreciated what Liz had to say about remembering these things in days to come and it made me realize how much I really need to do that. So this is my start. I'm blogging about remembering so I can look back on this and then remember to remember...if that makes sense. :-P

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