Wednesday, June 09, 2004

moohaha, excellent...

My brother just happens not to be home right now for some reason, so I can squeeze online for a couple seconds to blog. The day today went pretty well. I solved a few bugs today at work and it went smoothly. Nothing exciting, kinda the same ol, but I tried to stay happy, like yesterday, and it helped. After work I just chilled out for awhile. I read about 50 pages in Prophet. Now I'm about halfway through and it's really starting to get me sucked in. :) After that I had dinner and then played Age of Empires with Jon for a bit. Then I was just getting ready to go to bed and my cell phone rang. I figured it was Tim or Tony or something so I didn't make much effort to get to it, but then it said "Eliz P" on the phone and I was like WHOOAAAA, quick, answer! So she kinda called me out of the blue but it was awesome and we chatted for quite awhile about things. I went outside to get better reception and it was just beautiful this evening. :) I need to start going for walks around like I used to in BBurg. Actually what I really need is a dog to give me an excuse to get out there! :-P
So that ended my day off really awesomely and then I came back to a free phone line so I thought I might blog real quick before bed. :)

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