Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Cowboys like us, sure do have fun

Man, I love that song! :-D Today went allright, work was a lot better. I tried to go in with a good attitude today and it paid off. I was able to work through a bug that was really hard and got it cornered so I should be able to fix it tommorow. It still was kinda boring and sucked, but it wasn't too bad. Once I discipline myself to work and go at it hard, it helps to pass the day by so much faster. :) Then after work I came back and got ready for my speech test and preparing my speech. Went off to class at 6:30 and then whooped up on my test! I got a 98 so that rocked. :) Then I had to do my speech...boy did that suck. I got distracted at the very beginning and then forgot my flow and it just threw the whole thing off and got me really nervous. I did ok, but nothing like I wanted to do on it. :-( I most likely got around a C on it, which I guess is allright. I feel so concerned about it, but I really shouldn't be. All I need is a C average for the class for it to transfer to VT. GPA doesn't matter at all, so I need to stop worrying and being nervous. So that was class. On the drive home, Steve C. called me and we chatted a bit which was awesome. :) It was nice to hear and see how he's doing. I think I'm going to head down to BBurg in 2 weekends now to hang out with him and peeps. And that was my day in a nutshell. Not many new thoughts or anything groundbreaking. I guess my main goal was to keep a smile on my face today and try to be more positive about this summer rather then thinking of everything I dislike about it. I need to focus more on the now rather than the future and get my concentration back so I can enjoy life. Hmm...that was a deep thought. Oh well, I'm always thinking, lol. :-P

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