Monday, June 07, 2004

oh man, not cool!

Just realized before starting this blog that I left my Vanilla Coke in the freezer too long and now it's froze! At least it didn't explode, that would've been really bad! Anyhoo, today was allright I suppose. I got back into the office for the first time in 10 days and it was such a drag. I'm so ready for this summer to be done with and over, it's not even funny. It's hardly even been 3 weeks and I can't take it any longer!! Arrrgggghhhhh!!! Ok, time to do some math. I have from now until July 30. That's 39 days. Holidays include Reagan Day this Friday and 4th of July. Ok, 37 days. And then I have 5 more pay periods, so that's 20 hours of sick and 20 hours of vacation leave. Add that to the 58 and 61 I already have and I have 78 hours vacation and 81 hours sick leave. If I were to take all of that leave, that would be 4 weeks of leave, or 20 days. So, technically speaking, I only have 17 days left to work. Woohoo!!!! Of course, I'm still debating whether I should work the 2nd and 3rd weeks of August. Maybe I'll use my leave then, that may work. It would be tough to give up that final big paycheck...I'll need that to get my boat. :) Anyhow, (boy that was a bunnytrail), work sucked. I also found out today that I will be going on no more business trips. I was scheduled to go to San Diego in mid-July, and then Hawaii and San Diego in August, but now I've been pulled off of all those trips. So I was really bitter about that and it only helped to fuel my lack of motivation. And I'm kinda jealous because Charles gets to go on the August trips, as well as one to Japan. They took me off of them because I can't do Japan since school starts that week. So they figure Charles should just to all three to make it easy. Bah says I! Then after work, I went over with Dub and Rob and went fishing on the Potomac at Algonkian Park. It was really pretty this afternoon. We stayed there about 2 1/2 hours, but nothing was biting. :-( I've still caught no fish this year, and I'm beginning to think I never will. (its all Elizabeth's fault). After fishing I got back here and did some emailing and surfing trying to find me a dog. I found a beautiful yellow lab at the Radford pet place. He looks so nice:

I need to go check him out sometime. :) Most likely he'll be gone by August though. :-(
So that's about all for today. I may get into a little Prophet reading before bed tonight or who knows. :)
Deep Thought of the Day:
I really need to get my head on straight at work. I've become so apathetic and just angry about work that I'm scaring myself. I'm at the point of breaking. It's all a function of this new being proactive kick that I'm on also. Maybe I'm taking it too far and I need to sit back and look at life a little more smartly and not just thinking about how I will be happy. If I really wanted to be happy right now I'd quit everything including school and CS and just go live off the land for a few years. That would rock. I'm tired of computers and thinking and cubicles and crap, crap, crap. I love being outside and being physical. I'm happy with that. But, if I look towards my future and say I want to have a nice family and stuff like that, then I need to work hard now to have a job so I can provide a good life for them also. So I guess that's the only motivation that keeps me from quitting really. I guess if I'm still single in 5 years, I will probably just quit everything and go be a mountain man. I'd be down with that. :-P So, I guess the point in this thought is that it's hard to find the right balance between happiness and responsiblity in life and it's probably my biggest struggle right now. I think I really need to stop listening to country music mind's getting filled up with delusions of grandeur. :-D

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