Sunday, June 06, 2004

i scratched my head, and the answers were gone...

Ah, just a little Dave for tonight. Been awhile since I listened to DMB, its good to get back. :-) Well today was decent. I got up early and went to church this morning at RBC. I haven't been there in over a year so it was cool to get back. They've changed a few things, including expanding the praise band. Generally I like traditional worship more, but the praise band was awesome! They were so good and played some great songs, I really got into it, so that was really cool. 8D Then Mike Minter spoke today and was just awesome. I realized how awesome of a pastor he really is. I mean Paster Baker is good and all, but Mike just puts him to shame. His passage today was about God's grace as relayed through the book of Amos and it was just really amazing. I was totally into it and learned so much, I can't wait till it gets put up online. :) Then after church I settled down and finally stopped procrastinating on writing my speech for Tuesday. So I took a couple hours and got that done. After that I played my guitar for an hour or so and shook some of the rust off my fingers. Then I got reading Prophet a bit more and then Tim, Tony and Joey came by the house. They said that my former elementary school principal was having a retirement ceremony over at Meadowland, so we went over there and talked to him a little and took place in the events, so that was really nice. Then we kinda walked around the school for awhile and reminisced on old times and memories we had there. That was a lot of fun. :) After that, Tony came over and we sat and watched the end of the golf tournament on T.V. for a couple hours. That was fun and Tony left around 6. I promptly picked Prophet back up again and started reading. I'm hooked. :) So, I read that a couple hours and then surfed the web a bit. Good day. :)
Deep thougts of the day:
I think church was so awesome today because I went in with the right attitude. Instead of going in disheartened and thinking bad thoughts about the type of people that go there, like I did last year, I tried to think good thoughts and keep my focus set on God. I think that really helped me to enjoy the service and learn a lot from it.

Since I'm seriously considering staying all year in Blacksburg, including summer, I've decided I need some new toys. Number one, I need to find me a dog. Not sure what kind yet, but I'm going to start researching it. I love dogs and I think I'd like one. I miss Chance. :( Number two, I need to find me a bass boat. I feel like spending some money and it would rock to have a boat I could just take out on Claytor whenever. So I think I'm going to search for a good deal on a boat and then rent a spot on the lake for the year if I can. That would rule! Number three, I need to find a pool table for our townhouse. A pool table would rock, and I think we have space for it. :-P

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