Thursday, June 10, 2004

word up!

That's been my phrase of the day...word. :) Today was pretty cool. Work went well. I decided to wear shorts and sandles to work today for the heck of it and I got a lot of attention and flack for it. It was quite entertaining. :) Then I got a couple of things done and the day got over with pretty fast. After work I went over to Lowes and played some golf with Ethan. It was hilarious because I ran into quite a few people who assumed I was still working there. They were like, "oh hey man, haven't seen you much this summer, what days do you work?" I got a good laugh out of that. Over the last 5 years I've become like a Lowes Island staple for people, haha. I feel kinda sad going back now, but oh well. At least I still have buddies there to get me free golf. :) Actually I could probably just go walk on and play anytime and nobody would care because they think I'm still working, lol. :-P Anyhow, so me and Ethan played about 10 holes and then it started thunderstorming so I came back home and had some dinner. Then I wasted a few hours online chatting with folk and getting some new tabs. I got a bunch of new Third Day tabs I want to try to play. I started a few and played my guitar a little, but not too long. And that was the day. :)
Deep Thought of the Day
Had an interesting convo with my parents for dinner tonight. I had told them I was thinking of getting a dog and stuff. And then they basically told me they really think I shouldn't and they gave me a lot of good reasons for that. Essentially, they think I probably won't have enough time to dedicate to the dog like he needs and thinking about it, I'd probably have to agree. The semester is looking busy coming up and may become even busier depending on some other factors too. So I'm kinda feeling like my whole dog-kick-bubble has been burst, but maybe this is good. I feel back to reality in a way. I was off on my whole dream of getting a boat and a dog and spending my days fishing and I wasn't really being practical I guess. Maybe I should just wait until after college to get that stuff and in the meantime just focus my energies on more practical things. Continuing the parent's convo, I kinda told them I'd like a pet of some sorts. I'm a fragile, lonely, shell of a man and I need something to cuddle with! :) So anyhow, they suggested I get a nice cat at least until college ends because cats are nice and very low maintenance as far as time goes. The funny thing about this was that I had just chatted with Solomon earlier in the day about his life and he's trying to get rid of his cat. So I'm like, hmm.... Shadow is a really great cat, very cuddly, very cute, and very well-behaved. And I feel so bad for it because its so nice, I don't want to see Sol have to put it in a shelter. :-( So now my whole pet perspective has turned 180 degrees since last night and I'm seriously thinking about taking Sol's cat. It might be the wiser choice after all. I think I'll talk to my parents and roomates to get some more info and then decide. But, that's that for now, so we'll see. :-)

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>So this is my start. I'm blogging about remembering so I can look back on this and then remember to remember...if that makes sense. :-P

Good start! 8D