Wednesday, June 02, 2004

live from Willow Grove, PA...

it's me! Yep, I'm up here in a hotel on my first business trip of the summer. So far it's gone pretty well. Woke up early this morning and left the house around 6:10am to get here. I made excellent time and got to Delaware by about 7:50. Then I just hit a wall of traffic. It sucked so took me from 7:50-9:30 to get to base from Delaware. It was like almost 2 hours to go 25 miles, compared with the 1 hour, 40 mins it took me to go 120 miles. So that was lousy, but I finally got to the base. John did some teaching all morning and I sat there with Charles to learn the stuff and also to help fix any crashes in the system. Then on our lunch break, John took us over to an airplane hanger and took us on a pretty cool tour of a P-3 airplane. We got to walk all around it and sit in the cockpit and play with stuff. It was really cool! Then we went back and did some more training in the early afternoon. Once the day was over, we got back to the hotel and then me and John went outside and chilled for a few hours talking over life. It was really good to air some things out with him, especially about my job. He helped to convince me that I need to quit. :P Then, the whole time we were there, he finished off an entire bottle of vodka while I sat there and laughed at him as he got drunker and drunker. By the time we wanted to go out to dinner he was completely sauced and I was essentially babysitting him. We went to a great local diner who had the most food for $10 that I've ever gotten. It was like a 6 course meal and every part of it was extremely good! The problem was that John was just wasted and ended up passing out on the table in there and once I got him up he went out back and puked all over. So I dragged him back to the hotel and he just passed out in his room. Hehe, oh well, I enjoyed my meal. :) Then, that was my evening. I got back here around 9:30, did some reading and surfing and blogging, and now about to hit the sack. :-)

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