Thursday, June 03, 2004

lacking creativity in titleing tonight

Blah, who knows. Today was rather...generic. Not too great, not too bad. Went to work early and we did some more training on the system. It crashed about a million times which was rather embarrassing, but now I have a long list of bugs to look for, so I guess that's good?? haha :) After work I was pooped from staring at the same lousy code all day, so I ended up passing out fully-clothed on my hotel room bed. I had proped my door open for John and then later the hotel room guy came in and made sure I was allright...I guess he noticed my door was open for awhile and then when checking it, saw me face down on the bed. So that was kinda funny, if not weird. =P Then around 6, me and John went over to the driving range and hit a bunch of golf balls. I tried teaching him how to swing and I think he made some good progress, so that was cool. I was able to work some kinks out of my swing also, I think. Then got pizza at a local place called Nino's and it was pretty good stuff. After dinner I just came back here and read some more of Prophet and then finally got into some Bible reading again like I've been intending to do for over a week now. I finished up the book of Daniel tonight. It was really interesting reading. I never realized how prophetic Daniel is. Like the first half of it reads pretty easy like a story about Daniel's adventures. Then the last half is just almost straight up prophesy from Daniel's dreams all about end times and stuff like that. I felt like I was reading Revelation, it was incredible. I never realized stuff like that was buried in Daniel. So that was my day. Now it's time to close out some Ebaying and then go to bed. :)

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