Tuesday, June 01, 2004

just feeling rather blahish

yeah...just one of those days I guess. I think its a combination of post-Blacksburg depression, massive sunburn, 6 hours of sleep in 48 and 9 hours of driving in 48. Blech. Well, today was ok. I got up early and hit the road to go to the Presearch golf tournament down at Shenandoah Golf Club near Winchester. I left the house a bit after 7, thinking I would get there in plenty of time. Little did I know, the traffic sucked and it took me forever! I finally got there around 8:30 and then spent forever in the registration line. Tee time was at 9, so I had almost no time to warm up at all. :( Plus I was just exhausted. I played the most horrible golf I have in forever. Every facet of my game was off. I couldn't get anything to go right. Luckily, it was captain's choice, so most of my shots didn't matter anyways. As a team we only shot +2 for the round, so it wasn't all too bad. I had a pretty fun time too and the weather and course were beautiful, so all in all I can't complain too much. Then made the long drive back here and got back around 4:30. Took like a half hour power nap then showered, ate dinner and ran off to public speaking class at 6:30. Class went ok, I just kinda slugged through it. We did some more performing activities which were fun. I'm becoming a stage-whore I think. I always stayed up there longer than most people and just blabbered because it was fun. Maybe my ego is lacking and I need that support from people, I dunno, but I'm starting to wish I was a teacher or something cause it's fun to speak to people and be in control. So that was my day, back here to blog and then gotta pack for my business trip tommorow and go to bed!
Deep thought of the day:
I think I worked out some of my sadness thoughts from yesterday. I'm pretty sure what has happened is recently and especially this weekend I've been leaving God out of my relationship with Elizabeth and trying to function on my own. And it's not just her, its leaving God out in general for everything. I built this whole weekend together on my own without any prayer or asking God about anything. It was done for completely selfish reasons mostly just to see her and I didn't consult God on anything. I kinda forced the issue it seemed like. Although everything turned out very well and I had lots of fun and I think everyone else did, I think I felt really unfullfilled afterwards because I went into the weekend with the wrong intentions and didn't get what I wanted. I should've spent much more time in prayer trying to find God's intentions for the weekend instead of mine and I think if that were the case I would've been much happier with everything. Whew, that was deep! :P

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