Saturday, June 19, 2004


Mmmmm good stuff. And now I'm so tired! Mkay, quick blog. Slept in today which felt great. :) Then met up with Liz, Paul, Summer and Kara for peeps lunch at Squires. It was a lot of fun and very nice to hang with everyone again. :) After that I rolled over to the Record Exchange store. I found two cool DVDs for cheap and then bought my first two country albums ever. I got a Mark Chesnutt album and a George Straight album for about two bucks a piece. I love 'em. I'm so weird, my musical interests have officially run the full gamot. Started off in life listening to funk and old 70's R&B and some newer R&B. Then got into smooth jazz which turned into a liking for old style jazz. Then somehow got into classic rock which lead into hard rock. Then got into alerternative and then some techno and then after that into jam bands. And now country. Wow. :) Needless to say my CD collection is ridiculous. So after the store, I had planned on playing golf afternoon. But it kept raining off and on and was overcast, so I really lost interest in that. :( So instead I came back and got some things tweaked on my computer. Then I had a couple hours to add a few chapters to my story and that was excellent. It's almost done!...maybe. :) Then at 6 I was going to meet up with Steve C. for dinner at Joe's. We get to Joe's and it was closed!!! I couldn't believe it. I mean, it's a 24-7 diner, so what gives?! I guess they're renovating or something. So, instead we rolled over to Sycamore Deli. The food was excellent there, and we sat and talked over life and stuff for a long while. It was great, always good talking with him. :) Then at 8, me and Elizabeth went over to this little Bible-studyish group at Chad and Yooni's house and checked it out. It was really cool, I enjoyed it. I learned some cool things in the discussion about manhood and it stirred up some thoughts inside of me. So that was great, I think I may go back in the fall semester. Jesse had invited me many times in the past, but I wasn't willing to give up my Friday nights. I'm more willing to now I guess. Then after that it was around 11 or so and Elizabeth brought me back. She seemed tired so I was getting ready to get out of the car and then somehow we decided it would be fun to go get some dessert, which we had talked about doing earlier anyhow. So we went over to Macado's and split a big fudge-ice cream thing which was awesome. And we just kinda chilled and talked over things for close to two hours. The time flew but it was great talking. Always fun. :-) Then her and Draeco brought me back and now I'm done and ready for sleep!
Song of the Day (my fav song from my new album):

Deep Thought of the Day:
At Shad's we were talking a lot about Biblical manhood and how we need to treat women, especially in a marriage situation. I feel slightly prideful for saying or thinking so, but everything we talked about, I was like, um yeah...that's common sense. I guess a lot of men have to work hard on those things. I've just been brought up with certain values and ethics of manhood and see what my dad does, and what we talked over tonight just seemed so second nature to me. I guess I should really feel blessed actually for those qualities I have and be thankful for how I was raised. So that was interesting. Of course, I'm not perfect and need to tweak a lot of those things but I feel good knowing that I already have the fundamental framework there. :)

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