Friday, June 18, 2004

incoherent blogging

I'm so exhausted right now, who knows what I'll write, lol! I've been up for 20 hours straight! So today was great. I went to work at the regular time and then since I had accumulated 4 hours of comp-time I only worked a half day and got off at 10:15. :) Then I got home, packed up, went to Circuit City, then left for Blacksburg around 11:20. I got here around 3:10, so I made decent time. Not too bad on traffic. It was kinda funny, I had one guy pretty much follow me from Winchester all the way down 81 about 160 miles. He was right behind me the whole time at all speeds from 5mph to 95mph. If I gunned it and passed a few cars on the right, he did the same. It was funny. I wanted to see how long he would last, but then I ran out of gas and had to pull off to an exit. I waved at him when I was leaving and he waved over, lol. =P After I unpacked my few things I went off to the VT course to play some golf. I played 9 holes and shot a 42. My swing felt pretty good, just my short game was a bit off. It was also so hot today on the course, and humid! I came down here to escape the humidity and it followed me! At least it wasn't as bad as back home. Today was like instant-death-quality air back there. So golf was fun, then after that I went over to Solomon's at 7. Him, me, Jesse Hugart and Curt hung out all evening. We got some pizza and chatted and stuff which was great. Then we played poker for like 3 hours, haha. I was playing great and then went on a horrible losing sreak. I ended up at like -$200 (chips), it was so bad! Of course, the last had, Sol and Jesse went all in and I got lucky and won, so techinally my gross on the night ended up at +6 chips. 8D It was a ton of fun though and good to see all of them again. Now I'm pooped! :)

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