Monday, May 10, 2004

You can't take the honky-tonk outta the girl...

Mmm Brooks & Duun. :-) Well, not too much goin on today so brief entry. I spent this morning doing lots of tasks that I've been meaning to for awhile now. I tried to figure out what the deal was with a course I was trying to transfer from Nova to VT was. Found out that the online transcript system is broke, so I wasted a friggin month when I could've just mailed the thing in and been done with it now. Pointless!! Then I got my moving dates squared away which rocks! I got BCR to move the move-out date here from Aug 1 to Aug 3 and got Townside to move the move-in date at the new place from Aug 5 to Aug 3 so the big day everything is going down will be Tuesday, August 3! Then I went over to the new place and made some room measurements so we can figure out how much room we have for stuff. And then pretty much off and on all afternoon and night I've been studying for my ECE and CS finals tommorrow. As of right now, I have 17 1/2 hours to freedom!!!! Oh I can't wait! Think I'll study a small bit more, then hit the sack.

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