Tuesday, May 11, 2004


woohoo!!! SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!!!! Oh man, it feels awesome! I never thought in a million years that this semester would end. It has been by far the longest, most challenging, most work-intensive semester yet. The fact that I'm still alive to type out this blog is an accomplishment in itself! God is good! He always brings me through tough times like this semester and I can look back and say wow! So, today I crammed intensely all morning for my two big exams. I took my CS 2604 exam at 1...it either sucked bad or was really easy, I'm not sure. It was one of those that seemed almost to simple to be true, especially for a notoriously hard CS exam. So, I may have done real well, but more than likely I did horribly. Hah! The my ECE 2504 exam was at 3:30. It was so-so. I think I got a lot right but there was definitley a few that I was clueless on. I'm feeling around a 75-80 for that one. But, no sweat, I'M DONE!! So I went home, made some dinner, then went out on the porch for a long time, had me a Romeo y Julietta and watched the sunset. It was a beautiful, relaxing evening. :-) Then, instead of relaxing my brain I decided to insert customized meta tags into all the pages on my website so that I can get better hits from search engines. I dunno why, just something I've been meaning to do. I'm such a nerd... Well, I better get to bed. Gotta be at Elizabeth's in less than 8 hours to go fishing! Should be awesome! :-P

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