Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Oh wow, I'm pooped!

It's been a lonnnnnnnng great day! Got up early and picked up Elizabeth at 7:45 to do some morning fishing. We went down to my spot on Claytor Lake. It was so beautiful early in the morning! I love that spot. There were a number of fish out early and Elizabeth was getting some bites but then they started going away like they always do near mid-day to go towards cooler waters in the middle. So, we didnt' catch my of anything besides a few sticks and such. :-( Oh well, it was a ton of fun just hanging out and talking about stuff and enjoying the nature. It was so awesome. So, took her back around 1 and then me and Sean got some quality Cheap Chinese for old-times sake. :) After lunch I took my car over to a garage on Main Street to get my tailpipe looked at. I was really nervous about it and praying a lot because I thought I broke something. But, they ran some tests and said it was fine and just latched it back into it's correct position for $10. So that was a great answer to prayer and huge relief! Then I decided to take a quick joy ride and ended up over by the golf course. My addicted hormones took over and I made a spur of the moment decision to play some golf. So I walked 9 holes, shot a 38 and got myself nice and burned and tired out. So, then I went home and decided to do some cooking to waste the rest of the food in the freezer. I made up a whole bunch of mozorella chicken and rice for dinner. It came out really excellent and I have lots of leftovers for my last couple meals here! Then I kinda lazed around, watched a little baseball and then watched U.S. Marshalls. Hadn't seen it for awhile so that was cool. Now I feel really exhausted after a busy day of fun! Lot's of new and good thoughts for the day but I'm too lazy and tired to write them down at the moment. Maybe later. :-) Time for sleep!

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