Sunday, May 09, 2004


Wow today has been nuts. Went to church this morning and it was nice. Then I went and played golf with Tim and Sean. That was a ton of fun. We played so friggin slow (18 in 5 hours) but I had a great time just talking and being stupid. I felt so relaxed and it really helped my game. I shot a 75 (with 2 mulligans so not totally legit) but played exellent golf. So that ruled and then I came back here and made a big thing of spaghetti for dinner. :-) Ate that while a huge thunderstorm came by and dropped golf ball sized hail everywhere including my car. I'm afraid to go look at it. :-/ Then, I got to emailing Elizabeth for a bit and got a bunch of stuff off my chest. I've been burning up inside lately with family issues and it all came out this morning in me. I wanted to talk with her in church but I get nervous sometimes. So instead I got it all out on paper to her and now I feel much better, but still very emotional. I'm a wreck right now really. :-( I think I may go to bed now so I can get up and get some studying for my big exams on Tuesday. ............ How do you express a breaking heart with text? :-(-|-XXXXX--= i dunno....blech...

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