Saturday, May 29, 2004

yeah man that's the good stuff

mmm I love me some Kenny Chesney. :-) Well, today went pretty well. Left for Blacksburg with Steve a little after 7 and got down there at about 11. Then I got some lunch and whatnot and then went over to the VT course to play some golf. Well, the golfing sucked. I played so miserably bad. Plus the course was EXTREMELY wet and muddy and it was impossible to function. So I easily made the decision to quit after 9 holes. Plus I was tired after only 4 hours sleep and 4 hours of driving. I just went home and crashed and took about a 4 hour nap. When I woke up I made a quality dinner consisting of Ramen noodles and went on to attempt to do some work for my speaking course. Then Elizabeth called and asked if I wanted pizza, so I was like yeah sure. So I went over there at about 8 and had dinner and such with them and was very nice. Then we watched The Burbs which was great as always. I love that movie. :-) We also watched some episodes of Get Smart which I'd never seen before. It was actually rather funny. Then after all that I just got back here in time to blog then crash.

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