Thursday, May 27, 2004

finally...the end of the week!!

So, yeah, today was my Friday for me, and my last day at Carderock for about 10 days due to vacation, golf outing, and business trip with 2 weekends inbetween. :-) It'll be good to get away and freshen up! So today was fairly useless. For the first 2 hours or so I helped Charles finish up a bug fix. Then we realized that was the last one on our previously long list of bugs to fix. And nobody else could think of anything to do so for about 6 hours I did nothing. I surfed the web, called some people on my cell, shot the breeze with co-workers and then emailed Elizabeth for about an hour, lol. I was useless, but it was fun! Then after work I came back and started trying to figure out plans for this weekend camping trip I'm planning. It's been my major source of stress lately trying to get everyone on the same page for this, but hopefully it will be sweet! Then at 6, I met up with Ken, Dub, his lady-friend, Tony, Tim, and Rob at Countryside Cafe for dinner. We had a nice big pizza, which is to die for. :-) Their food is so good there!! So we had a fun time just hanging out and conversing and such. Then Ken and Tony came back to my place around 8 and we ended up chatting for almost 3 hours more about everything under the sun. That was a lot of fun too and it was great seeing everyone again, especially Ken. He's such a good guy! After that I packed stuff to leave for Blacksburg and then my brother got off the net, so I decided to briefly blog, but now I really need to get to bed since I need to be driving early. :-/ :-D

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