Wednesday, May 26, 2004

not too much today

Today went fairly well. Not too much different. Work went well, I helped Charles start working on another bug fix and that was ok. I guess the only big thing that really happened was that after work I went by Lowes and officially announced my resignation. It was so sad. :-( Hopefully I'm doing the right thing and I think I am because I've put a lot of prayer into it. In a way though, it was good going by there because I feel now that quitting is sorta justified. I went by with the intention of kinda saying goodbye to a number of people I like to work with, only to find that 75% of them had quit as well. A few of them had been there as long as me too, if not longer! So I was like wow, I don't know anybody here anymore and the few that I do know I wouldn't really care that much to work with anyways. So maybe it's for the best that I quit and move on. Lowes has changed a lot in the past 2 years and I think its time that I change to. So that chapter of my life is closed. Then I came home and watched Office Space, the best movie ever, with my brother. I've seen it like 50 times but I still laugh cause it's so perfect. =P So that was fun, then we played that James Bond game on Gamecube for a few hours. We finally beat the impossible level!! Only took us like 30 times alltogether but we finally got it and unlocked some secret level or something. I dunno, but it was fun. After that I had some dinner then went over to Dub's house to hang out with him, Alan, and Rob. We just sat around and shot the breeze and played MLB 04 on the XBox. Good stuff. Now I'm back here blogging and about to go to bed!

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Justin said...

wasup man! those Sambo pics are sweet. :-) I'll be getting some of him for sure this weekend doing something. =P