Saturday, May 15, 2004


I have Internet! After hours and hours of being shut off I finally found a decent WAP to connect to. Granted it's not mine, but hey, what the heck. I need my fix. Plus I did have some stuff to take care of in a rather urgent nature, so this is great. And I can blog. :-) So, the second half of my day went really well. I took care of cancelling phone and cable and internet services and then took care of some lease stuff for next year. Then came back here and grabbed some dinner and then Sean's parents and brother's family came over to hang out for a bit. It was really nice to see them, they're such nice people! Then me and the Liz went out to get some dessert. We were going to go to Ice Cream Crank and I was pretty stoked to check it out since I've heard to much about it, but the place was packed! The line was out the door, so we gave up and went over to Macado's instead. It ended up being really excllent for dessert also. So we chilled there for a bit and had some stupid convos which are always fun. :-) Then I came back here, tried unsucessfully to get internet, then gave up and sat on the porch for a long time with Chance thinking over life and such. Then, came inside and noticed that my computer had connected, so here I am! w00t! So, thoughts of the day...I'm starting to feel kinda sad and sentimental all of a sudden. This semester has been really hard work-wise but socially and spiritually it's been great and I don't want it to end. I'm really going to miss hanging out with Sean and Tim and Steve and especially miss the nice convos with Liz about life. Heck, I'm even going to miss Chance-Dog. :-/ I'm really going to miss Harvest and Pastor Baker's great Sunday School classes that have really helped me to jump on some things in my life. I guess I should be looking forward to hanging out with my old friends back home. I'm just concerned that I won't be able to keep up with fixing my life like I have been this semester and I don't want to slip back to square one. It should be a good challenge and with lots of prayer I hope God can give me strength to keep on pluggin! Well, now I think I should get some sleep finally. Not going to be much since I need to wake up early and do some packing that I've been procrastinating on doing for days now!

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