Friday, May 14, 2004

to recap the last number of hours...

Man, it's been a packed day and a half! Didn't get to blog last night and then I'm turning off my Internet service in a few minutes so I won't be able to blog for a few days, so I figure I'll do some now. Well, yesterday (Thursday) was awesome. I had intended to sleep for half the day. Then Sean comes blowing in at 9am like "LET'S PLAY GOLF MAN!!!" I just roll over in bed and am like "guuuuuuhhhhh...I ain't goin nowhere." Finally he dragged me out there and we played around 10. It was packed and really slow and butt hot, so we quit after we finished 9 holes around 12:30. I think I shot like 42 or was bad. Then I came back and crashed here. Lazed around for a few hours watching baseball and golf with Sean. Then at 5:30 went over to Elizabeth's for dinner and movies. On the way over it kinda sucked. I left at like 5:25...the minute I walked out the door it started downpouring and then downpoured until about 5:45 or so. I've never seen so much rain so fast, it was ridiculous. I had to pull off the road at one point cause I couldn't see anything. Then I finally got to Elizabeth's house and just sat in front for like 15 minutes cause the rain was ridiculous! Oh well. So, anyhow I got there and hung out with her family and Sarah and Rebecca. We had a nice grilled dinner and good desert that Liz made. Then we watched You've Got Mail and Finding Forrester. Liz has been telling me about them for ages so it was cool to finally check em out. I liked them a lot. So, it was an excellent time hanging out with everybody and getting to know her family a lot better. It was nice. I always thought they were kinda sophisticated people in a way since I've never really been around them much. But after last night I've really grown to like them a lot. They're very down to earth, a lot like my family. So, it was a great time and I left at like 2:30 or something ludicrously late, I don't remember. Then came back here and passed out a bit after 3. Then slept horribly and woke up around 7:30 to play golf with the boys. So, I was just exhausted this morning. I had like 4 1/2 hours of partial sleep. I kept waking up like every half hour and couldnt sleep well. Guess I was still pumped up from the evening. So I really got no sleep essentially. Or nothing worthwhile. So anyhow, me Tim, Sean and Gorman went off to play at the River Course in Radford. We teed off a little after 9 or so. It was beautiful out there as usual. I was a walking zombie early on and played bad, then on about hole 4 I got my 2nd wind and started playing real well. Then on about hole 11 my world came crashing down. My body just said "nope, no more, I quit." I couldn't do anything, much less play golf. I quit on a few holes, it was so bad. I was about half-conscious in and out of sleep. Then, finally on the last 3 holes I got my 3rd wind and was able to put together some decent shots to finish strong. Not sure what I shot, but we had a pretty fun time. Then we came back here, I wrote this blog, and now I'm about to get rid of my internet. :-(

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