Sunday, May 16, 2004

hmm, wow...

Well today went really really unexpectedly. But in a good way. :-) So, I got up early and went to Sunday School and church. There was a guest speaker missionary from Slovakia who was really really good and I enjoyed the service a lot. Then we had like a little coffee and donuts reception afterwards, so I hung around and talked to various people, then headed out about 1 or so. Then I got busy packing with the goal of leaving my 3pm. Then out of the blue Elizabeth called me and was like "want to come over for dessert?" At first I was like "duh......" since I was dumbfounded, but then I was like of course. So at 2:30 I went over there and had some dessert and stuff with there family and talked for a bit and it was great. Then Liz and her mom wanted to go for a walk. The weather was just amazingly perfect so I couldn't resist. So we went of innocently for a quick walk...her mom got tired and left so me and E walked around some more and then came back and ended up sitting on the porch talking for who knows how many hours. It was such a great convo, I don't remember half the stuff we were blabbering about but it was a ton of fun. So the next thing I know it's like almost 7. And I made her miss evening church so I felt bad. :-P So anyhow, her dad is like ordering pizza and asks if I want some. So, after eating condiments out of my fridge for the past 48 hours, I'm like, yeah of course. Pizza would be a delicacy, haha. So I stay for dinner and we talk some more with the fam. Then it's like 8 something and I still have packing to do, so I was like, wow this isn't working. So I decided I would leave in the morning instead. That way I can pack, I'll have sunlight to drive in, and I can miss all the northbound truck traffic of Sunday evenings. So I decided that, then stayed over until about 10:30 or something playing some card games with Liz, Doug and Laura. It was a ton of fun, I had the best time just laughing and being stupid. Their whole family is so chill and easy to get along with, I've just loved hanging with them lately. :-) So that was that. It was an awesome way to end off my semester here. Now I have to get some major rest. The plan is to get up at 5:30am, pack the car, be on the road by 6, get to home at 10, unload stuff, drive to work and be in by 11, then work until 7:30. Lonnnnnnnng day ahead, haha! Oh well, it was worth it. To quote one of my favorite Tim McGraw songs:
"When all is said and done
I'd never count the cost
It's worth all that's lost
Just to see you smile "



Anonymous said...

I thought I'd post a comment since your comment on the last blog. That is all. 8D


Justin said...

what's up Anonymous? :-P