Friday, May 21, 2004

good stuff 8-P

So today was another pretty quality day. Started it off early, in to work by 6:15. Then I found an awesome worship radio station on Yahoo LAUNCHCast and it really made me happy. Then I just went into uber-coding mode and got so much work done. I worked from about 7-12 almost straight just coding. Sometimes I just get in the zone and can't let go, haha. I'll never forget my convo with Solomon about "zone" coding where you get so involved that you won't get up to pee. It's so true, lol. :P So I rocked my work, went to lunch, came back and finished it all up. I essentially fixed the bug that at the beginning of the week I thought would be impossible so that rokked. Now, I wish I could get a friggin raise or maybe something interesting to work on... So I got off work about 2:45, then headed over to watch Troy at 3:50 with Tim, Tony and Dub. It was a pretty good movie. The action was great but parts of the plot just seemed lacking and some of the acting was rather doofy. The movie just kinda felt like it was waivering. It didn't have nearly the solidity that you can feel when watching Gladiator (quickly becoming one of my favorite movies ever). Plus, it was hard to take Brad Pitt seriously in his role...they really needed someone more commanding like Russel Crowe for it. I gave it 6.5/10 on IMDB. Worth a view and maybe even a buy for the action but nothing incredible. So after the movie, we went over to Tim's house and had a cookout at 7. Steve #3 came over also to hang out. It was a lot of fun, grilled up some burgers and dogs and sat around talking. Then we did some swimming/wrestling in the pool for awhile. We had a good time together and I left about 11 cause I'm so tired and need to rest up for a long night tommorow. Now it's time to hit the sack!

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